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Peter Loftin is known for his business acumen. He has set a perfect example for millions of young entrepreneurs who aim to build up their own empires and be known for their successful business ventures.

He dreamt to do something big and never hesitated to take risks. North Carolina, a small southeastern state of US was home to his small office, from where he started his journey of being a millionaire.

He always had a knack of communication and had inherent talent of networking. He knew the potential of telecommunication industry and started selling phones. He got engaged in portable phones and preferred to sell them to business houses over residential use. Judging the requirement for B2B telecom, he ventured into that area, where no one ever thought of.

A Perfectionist

Peter Loftin has always been known as a perfectionist. He took his company to the pinnacle of success and made it one of the largest telecom companies in the US. He also diversified into distillery business, where he started “The Bardstown Bourbon Company”, one of the largest whiskey distilleries in the US.  

He always used to say “Business leaders should have a passion to deliver excellence, and once achieved should step down to deliver it all over again.”                                                                                                                                                                                           

He exactly did the same. Once BTI surpassed all the benchmarks of success, Peter simply stepped down from the position of CEO and drifted towards arts and philosophy.

Motivational and Charitable

He is not only a good businessman, but also a very good orator. Media and press has always printed his statements as one of the most motivating and promising statements for the young entrepreneurs.

The business journal quoted one of his statements “I wanted to spread that sense of generosity throughout the company. We’ve always felt the need to give to others that are less fortunate.”

The numerous charity programs run by him are perfect examples of his generosity and philanthropy. He has been appointed as a board of governor of the American Red cross society. He has also donated funds to N C museum of science and introduced camp BTI, an American camp for kids. His charitable program on Oak Ranch facility for teens has been a big hit across US.

Other Achievements

Peter Loftin made great news when he bought the famous Casa Casuarina. This mansion was earlier known for its original inhabitant Versace. Later Peter bought it and converted into a restaurant and a hotel. But somehow, his project could not do well. The mansion is now put on sale. Though the earlier price quoted was near $ 125 million, but as no bidders showed interest, the price quotation has come near to $ 100 million. Though the mansion is supposed to be on sale now, yet it shall always be remembered as Peter’s dream resort.

His love for art made him explore and give opportunities to the budding artists who always want to experiment with their varied art forms. Peter Loftin was quite audacious to let young artists implement their novel ideas at his whiskey distillery as well as at Casa Casuarina.  

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