Event Planning: Food and Beverage

For the GWC USA organization, when they are planning their new product launch it is important to really think of all the event aspects including food and beverages. Most companies will hire a caterer for foodservice vendor, since they are specializing in banquets and theme parties and they have exclusive food and beverage providers. Food and beverages have different functions at these events since it impacts the overall impression of the event, it is important component of experience, major expense of meeting and the importance of cuisine must be emphasized. These catered events can be held at any location and the planner locked into facility catering department is also important to consider of the event. If the catered event is on premise, the facility with permanent kitchen and function rooms is important along with the location since the hotel, restaurant, convention center need to be taken into consideration and the permanent furniture and equipment needs to be thought of as well. If the event is off premise, transports food will be a thing along with having to prepare food on site, the location might be held in tents, museums, parks or other attractions, you will need equipment and furniture rentals along with having a contract through the RFP process.

If the event is off premise, everything needs to be outsourced including the destination management companies, local companies that know the local environment are important to consider and a one-stop shop for the planner is important as well. There are many different challenges along with this including the transportation and the additional costs and additional coordination required for the event, the weather can also be a huge threat since it is always a challenge and there may be a back-up plan needed. Conference centers on premise may be a good idea since there is a complete meeting package included such as all meals are included in the price, there is always continental breakfast, cafeteria style service available and a special private banquet is available upon request for the event being held.

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