Essential oils and the benefits

Essential oils are also known as ethereal or volatile oils, or oils of the plant from which it is extracted. These naturally occurring volatile aromatic compounds are found in the seed, stems, root and other parts of the plants. Over 3000 varieties of these oils are available in the market; the nature of the oil varies from plant to plant. You can easily get these oils online or any nearby shops or malls. doTERRA pure essential oils are one brand of concentrated hydrophobic liquid which contains delightful volatile fragrance of plants.

Essential oil gives you a very soothing experience. There are some body oils which help you to relax physically as well as mentally. These body oils help the skin to “glow” by improving the texture of the skin and promoting healthy skin.

Particular oils and their benefits

  • Olive oil

This oil contains vitamin A and vitamin C which helps to regenerate the skin cells. This oil is used for dry skin to help bring out the natural texture of the skin and can also act as a conditioner for hair and nails. It can also be used as a body lotion, eye makeup remover as well as in homemade face packs.

  • Anti Cellulite oil

This oil can remove the toxins from the body if you use this oil regularly with body massages. It also helps in reducing body fat.

  • Eucalyptus oil

This oil is very beneficial for mental health and also used in many natural remedies. It helps in reducing anxious feelings and skin irritations.

  • Lavender oil

This oil helps so the skin irritations. This oil is also beneficial for the nervous system.

  • Cinnamon oil

This oil helps maintain a healthy immune system and a healthy metabolic function. . In winters you can apply this oil to your body to help keep your body warm and protect you from cold.

These oils are very useful even for your house hold. Some oils work as oxidizing agents that help you to clear the stains from floors and clothes, and to repel house hold pests.

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