The Effective Use of Oxandrolone in Women

Oxandrolone is one of the most well-known steroids that is present in the market. It has been used to get the desired physique by the people of the sporting fraternity. It is a favorite especially among athletes who do weight lifting, bodybuilders as well as track runners.  It is one of the group of steroids in the market that can be used beneficially for both males as well as females. There are different effects of the use of the drug, and it is important to understand the dosage, effects and the side effects before use.

Oxandrolone reviews

Oxandrolone is a chemically synthesized derivative of one of the naturally synthesized hormone dihydrotestosterone.   The additive advantage of the synthesized version is that it contains a few modifications in the structure that causes an increase in the effectivity of the drug. It contains a modification at the carbon-2 position at the A-ring which is replaced by an oxygen atom. It can be easily used orally due to the 17 alkylation which makes it a more potent drug.  It is due to this modification that it is more resistant to the degradation in the first passage of the liver. In spite of this Oxandrolone has been classified as a drug which is less toxic to the other steroids of the 17aa group. These anabolics are mostly used by men to enhance their physique. In the recent times, many different female athletes have also turned to the use of steroid.The effect on women of oxandrolone use gives them the desire built which make it a favorite among them.

Effect of the anabolic

Most steroids are used to increase the muscle formation. Oxandrolone, in fact, has been used in females to get realistic gain of muscle along with maintenance of the lean muscle mass in the body. In males, the increase in the muscles enhancement to give insignificant gains in the body by this anabolic is not as effective as the other steroids. In fact, to achieve it people have to use in larger doses. In spite of this, there are different functions that make it important for use.  The anabolic increases the amount of the nitrogen content, and the protein synthesize in the body which helps in maintenance of the lean muscle. It decreases the amount of the serum bound hormone and increases the level of the unbound hormones. It also inhibits the glucocorticoid levels in the body.

Women and Oxandrolone

Oxandrolone is one of the products that is most predominantly used in the females. It helps in the development of the lean muscle that gives them a toned look. The desired effect on women can be observed in lower doses hence it is more convenient for use. In women, the use of 2.5-5mg of Oxandrolone is sufficient to give the desired building.  It is important to note that this steroid is used for medical purposes, so regulation of the amount and dosage is important to prevent any negative impact on the body. Misuse or overuse of Oxandrolone can lead to water retention. It can also lead to increase in the low-density cholesterol that can lead to narrowing of arteries increasing the risks to suffer from heart diseases.

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