Edit Travel Videos on the Spot with Clip&Go

When you go on a vacation or take a trip odds are you use your smartphone to record quite a few clips of interesting sights and sounds. In fact you may even intend to compile some of those clips into a video when you get back home – but why not do it right there and then?

Using Clip&Go you will be able to edit videos and create outstanding movies directly on any iOS device. It will give you the features that you need to quickly compile the clips that you record and come up with a video that you can watch later or immediately share with your friends and family using social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, and so on.3

A big part of the appeal of Clip&Go is how convenient it makes it to create videos. Make no mistake it isn’t positioned to rival ‘professional’ video editors, but instead is a small and specialized iPad and iPhone video editor that focuses on giving you precisely the tools you need to compile, tweak, and create videos quickly.

If you want to compile a travel video, the first step you should take is to add the clips that you recorded to Clip&Go – along with any live photos that you may want to include as well. When you add clips and photos to the app you will be able to arrange the sequence in which they appear, and can also trim out any parts of the videos that you don’t want to include in the final video.

At the same time you could tweak the footage that you’re including in your video in other ways too. Within Clip&Go there are features that will enable you to adjust the frame of video clips using regular or dynamic crop and copy video tracks. However the feature that will really give your video some personality is by opting to add some background music by either choosing from the in-built selection in the app, or using a track from your very own library.

By the time you’re done your video should look the way that you want it to, and be accompanied by some music that sets the mood. The last step is to use Clip&Go to save your video on your mobile device or upload it to an online platform – while also choosing whether to use a square, landscape, or portrait format.

By now it should be evident how easy it is to edit travel videos on the spot using Clip&Go. As they say however the proof is in the pudding, so be sure to give it a try the next time you’re on vacation and see what sort of videos you can come up with.

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