Dating in Evansville: When an Addict Should Disclose Their Addiction

The dating world can be a tough place in general, but when in recovery from a drug or alcohol addiction, it can be even tougher explains Drug Rehab Evansville social workers.  This is due to the factor of deciding on the appropriate time to tell the person you are seeing that you are in recovery, if at all.  While this can be a difficult barrier to figure out, it is generally something that should not be withheld from whoever you are seeing.

Since your recovery is a very important part of your life, if you see a future with this person, it is pertinent that they are aware of you being in recovery.  Disclosing that you are in recovery generally gives the person an immediate understanding of why you are not drinking or using any drugs.  This can be important, being that some may question why you are not doing these things.  Image result for When an Addict Should Disclose Their Addiction

Since it can be tough to communicate these things to those who have never struggled with an addiction, some opt to date only those who are in recovery as well.  While this does eliminate the worry of how they will react to knowing you are in recovery, there can be difficulties to this sometimes as well.  If one person relapses, the other may be influenced to do the same, or a relapse can cause the relationship to fall apart.  At the same time, this can be a good support system in the right cases, being that both of you can help to support each other’s recovery.  

Communicating Your Recovery

Much of the time, a good modus operandi is to be upfront about your sobriety and recovery.  This eliminates the possibility of the person questioning why you are not using substances, or them finding out by some other means later.  Some may completely understand. If someone is uncomfortable with your past, or your currently being in recovery, it very well may not be the right person for you in the first place.  Sometimes an individual may feel ashamed or embarrassed in communicating their recovery, due to the checkered past that it sometimes implies to people.  A relationship is built on honesty and trust, and you having to hold in one of the greatest achievements of your life is only going to create hardship for you.  Do not be ashamed of your recovery, you overcame great barriers to get where you are and the right partner should be supportive of this.  

If you or a loved one are seeking help with an addiction in Evansville, Indiana, let us assist you in finding it.  Addiction treatment is never something to defer until later on, it needs to be a priority.  We know finding the right treatment can be a difficult search sometimes, but we can expedite that process.  We are familiar with the different types of treatment and rehab facilities around the nation.  Do not wait, give us a call today and we can help find the most suitable fit in an inpatient private rehab center.  

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