Controversial Issues Regarding Jeter’s Steroid Use and Consequences

Availing a far-fetched result for more potency and command over the sport that will showcase your athletic or sportsman spirit to a higher level, steroids endow a person with efficient performance. Now if you do not exceed the dosage as recommended by your trainer or fitness consultant, it is safe. Adverse effects can only be faced if you do not maintain proper dose and try to avail higher dose than your body can permit.  Derek Jeter who is an eminent baseball player is considered as the chief person for winning Yankee’s during his games in the 1990s and 2000s. With his potential to win the matches, he was in news for his steroid use. A good amount of controversy was in the air about his steroid use while he claimed that he has never taken anabolic. His skills of playing baseball are prominent by his all-round activity regarding leadership, fielding, fine hitting and ultimately the base running. He is considered as the master of the game.

Use of Steroid by Derek Jeter

Jeter’s career was at its peak when information began to flourish about his use of steroid and his close acquaintance with Alex Rodriguez.Jeter was considered as the legend of American baseball who conquered the Yankees. He was always considered at the sixth position by his scores that he earned in the game. Apart from this, he was figured as the leader of all-time of the MBL. He was the winner of multiple matches and though rumors started spreading about him for using steroids, we cannot ignore the fact that he was a champion of baseball right from the high school. Suggesting that Jeter was on steroids, his critics tried to find out the proof from different sources.

Jeter’s steroid proof

Though it was a common practice with the baseball players to get under the influence of steroid for better performance, it was contemplated that Jeter was no different even when the player was far away from the effects of the steroid. After his great success, an eminent sports channel claimed that Jeter may be using steroid or other sports enhancing drugs. Bayless was in doubt about Jeter’s amazing bounce back and hence started the controversy. After criticizing and interrogating the player, he told in his interview that this is indeed very unfortunate that even the players who have real potential are being questioned and doubted because of their performance. There was actually no proof found about Jeter’s steroid use and he was only injected with cortisone because of his injuries that he suffered in his ankles.

His friendship with Alex Rodriguez

Suggesting that Jetter was on steroids, many people as well showed their distruston him because of his close friendship with Alex Rodriguez who was caught using steroid for himself. Even when Alex disclosed the fact of using steroid, Jeter stood for him and confronted the media by telling that not everybody in the game use steroids. Although there was a rivalry between the two players, with time they became great friends. Jeter always remained a true player who never used steroid for performance.

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