Communicating the benefits of membership technology

Not everyone embraces change, and when it comes to technology, some really struggle to accept it. So, if you are looking to introduce new technology into your business, then it is important that you are able to convince your more reluctant stakeholders to accept the technological advances and utilise them to their fullest capacity. There are lots of reasons why people are reluctant to embrace new technologies, with generation being a factor, but not the only one.

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Slightly tech-phobic people want technology to be easy to use, not too complicated, to adapt to their needs, not be intrusive, have clear instructions for use and be secure. You therefore need to communicate the benefits of embracing new technology to convince your members or stakeholders.

It’s not easy, and stresses that technology adoption doesn’t happen overnight.

So thinking about the the implementation of membership technology, how can you best convince your members of the benefits and encourage them to use it.

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Keep everything simple.

Don’t overdo it. The more complicated things are, the less inclined your members will be to use the system. They want to be able to grasp the system quickly and feel confident using it.


– A simple to use online membership application form
– A super quick renewal process, with as few clicks as possible
– A very easy event registration system, accessed via one click in an email.

Think about your users

In choosing new technology, always keep your members in mind, and do your best to ensure that it will be a smooth transition for them. It’s so important not to over-complicate things, as this will only cause frustration and deter people. Modern membership software solutions from specialists such as are designed with ease of implementation in mind.

Minimise intrusion

– Keep instructions simple and to a minimum
– Don’t be tempted to use pop ups or open new windows
– Moving graphics and sounds can be overwhelming, so it’s best to avoid them.

Emphasise security

Everyone needs to feel comfortable and safe using technology, so reassure your members about security by:

– Using recognised, secure online payment systems
– Highlighting online payment security measures taken to give confidence
– Implementing access restrictions and member security settings to provide confidence and protect your members.


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