Common Issues with Windows and Glass Doors

One of the biggest problems to occur with windows in our home is moisture, moisture penetration and the associated damage it causes to our interiors. The accumulation of moisture over time can lead to issues with mould and the health problems that come with breathing in such harmful particles.

Most moisture is able to penetrate window systems through ineffective seals, as a result of wear and tear or improper installation. Faults in any one of the window mechanisms or seals can result in leakage in the interior, damaging sills and walls.

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Other problems that can occur with windows or doors containing glass include air leakage and condensation. Air leakage can affect the temperature and comfort of your home and also cause interior moisture damage, not to mention driving up heating costs as you struggle to maintain warmth inside your home. It can be caused by poor weather conditions or aging of internal seals and gaskets. As these mechanisms are subject to wear and tear and movement, age can make them less efficient. For a Double Glazing Company Evesham who deal with both doors and windows, visit

Condensation issues occur if there is moisture present on the interior of the glass or sill, even when it hasn’t been raining. The surface temperature of the glass falls below the dew point of the air next to it and this causes water droplets to form. Colder climates are especially susceptible, particularly if the interior air is humidified during colder weather.

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Condensation that forms on metal frames can be caused by poor positioning of the window or door within the exterior wall and thermal bridging can occur. Other problems commonly experienced with windows include structural failure, connection breakage, fogging, coating failure and glass breakages. When it comes to deciding whether or not a window needs replacing or repairing, it’s important to consider the following factors:

Is the window system safe and structurally satisfactory? Is it able to support building movement and structural loadings? This is a crucial element for safety as well as performance.

Are the windows adequate at preventing possible leakage and further migration of moisture into the interior?

Is the window system effective in preventing draughts, air leakage and condensation?

Are the existing conditions of the window’s components in working order? These include the sash, frame, hardware, glazing, sealants, weather strips, coatings and exterior paintwork.

Can the problems be isolated or are they much more widespread? Could there be problems with an adjacent wall that are contributing to the issues? Is your property significant historically and might there be restrictions in place on any possible replacement windows?


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