Chronic Pelvic Pain In Men Management &Treatment

Such a condition is not something to be taken lightly, which is why you should call your doctor and schedule your appointment today if you can relate to this. If you need a good doctor to look at you, you can call Dr. Rob King.

Approach consideration

CPPS (Chronic pelvic pain syndrome) is a condition that is known for causing pain and disability. Treating this disease will challenge even the most compassionate physicians. Patients with CPPS tend to be very understandably wary, tense and defensive, as most of them have already encountered rejection and frustration caused by other unprofessional physicians.


CPPS is not something that should be taken lightly

The patient and his physician need to agree on a work-relationship for the treatment to work. Usually, people with CPPS will approach their new physician very defensively and suspicions, which is all related to how their previous doctor has treated them. Not all doctors are the same, give them a try before judging.

What you need to know

As it was mentioned Chronic pelvic pain syndrome is actually a condition, despite its name. It is quite similar to other chronic conditions, like arthritis which can be treated but is not curable. Today, there is no known cure that exists for CPPS, but there are various treatments that are based on the cooperation of the doctor and the patient that makes the condition much more bearable.

There are a bunch of medications that will help you ease the symptoms of CPPS. However, you need to be patient to see actual results; first, you will only try one or two new treatments while giving each one of them time to see the reaction. Also, if you are a doctor, try not to overwhelm your patient with a large number of simultaneous treatments.

CPPS is a condition

This needs to be said as many times as needed, since patients can’t cope to have an incurable condition. Make sure that you reassure your patients that they have CPPS and that it is a real and not an imagined condition.

CPPS is known to cause a lot of devastating problems, and many psychological stresses; this is why suggesting the medication that might help the patient calm down and offering a psychiatrist or psychologist is not a bad idea.


Patients tend to be very reasonably stressed and defensive


Until the etiology of Chronic pelvic pain syndrome is actually known, there are no prevention strategies that can be applied. In some cases, this condition might be caused by a sexually transmitted disease called sequela. In those cases, a more vigorous treatment will be used.


Me who have CPPS will show a number of symptoms; the intensity of those symptoms can vary. Researchers have made a categorization to separate those patients into groups (according to their symptoms), which can help the doctor better understand and find the treatments that are the best for your case.

UPOINT classification with a 6-point system:

  • U – Urinary symptoms
  • P – Psychological symptoms
  • O – Organ (specific) symptoms
  • I – Infection (related) symptoms
  • N – Neurological (systemic) symptoms
  • T – Tenderness (in muscles) and pelvic floor symptoms

Final word

Those who suffer from chronic pelvic pain should know that it is not something one can ignore or just live with. It is a condition that has many treatments, and while it is incurable, you can still ease many of the symptoms.

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