Characteristics and key features of ProGo Scooter

As of now, one of the supreme demands of consumers in the automotive industry is for environment-friendly automobiles. Henceforth, electric models of automobiles are gaining prominence lately. The industry is experimenting with various alternative fuels, which could be used to power up vehicles. One such product that hit the market not so long ago is the ProGo Scooter, which is the brainchild of ProGo based in Los Angeles. A few years back, the company came up with the concept of powering scooters using propane. Although it took some time for the manufacturers to get the product to the market, the idea behind this scooter was to make it compete in terms of performance with other prominent gas scooters. The following sections of the article portray the characteristics and different features that propane powered scooters come loaded with.

Characteristics of ProGo 3000 Propane Scooter

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Weighing just 35 lbs., this ProGo Scooter is capable of carrying approximately 200 lbs without compromising on the stability of the vehicle. The pricing of this model falls somewhere between $300-400, which makes it reasonably cheap for the features that it comes loaded with. The engine is of 25cc four-stroke configuration and the tires have disc brakes. There will be a replaceable tank capable of holding 16.4oz of propane, which will enable the vehicle to cover distances up to 40 miles. In other terms, one can drive straight for 2-3 hours at an average speed of 20mph.

Coming to the design, the ProGo scooter has a steel exoskeleton and as we mentioned, front and rear disc brakes. The overall capacity of this model in quintals is 1.25 and comes with a steel frame that is rugged and foldable – meant for easy storing and comfortable posture.

Reviews on ProGo 3000 Propane Scooter

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The ProGo Scooter model has always been received well by customers. There are customers who still believe that these models can be sold for relatively cheaper prices since they want a smooth ride that is economical at the same time. For those who are living in metropolitan cities, ProGo 3000 is definitely a good option since with the size of the model, one can cut through traffic jams and it is eco-friendly at the same time. A section of the customers also feel that this model should more likely be used by people hailing in the age category of 16-30, but from the manufacturer’s point of view, age is not a barrier. When it comes to maneuverability and agility, this is the perfect scooter to go for.

To conclude with, the ProGo Scooter model is immensely popular owing to the fact that it provides less fuel consumption and ease of driving at the same time. As propane is one of the cheapest fuels in terms of prices of gasoline, more and more people are choosing to go for ProGo scooter instead of the traditional models that run on gas. Also, since this is not an electric scooter, the customers will not have to go for battery replacements, which can be expensive.

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