Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Mekong region tour in 2 weeks

Have you been searching for a break from the hustle and bustle of your daily schedule? Do you want to visit a place that offers a wide variety of pleasant sights, sounds, and smells that highlight all the exotic and timeless beauty of Southeast Asia? Do you seek a country that offers a wide range of travel options you can’t find in any other place? If you answered yes to any of the above, you should go on a Vietnam and Cambodia tour. Simply put, visiting Vietnam and Cambodia is like opening a bejeweled box and treating yourself to layer after layer of gifts inside the box. Just when you thought you had seen all there is to see, you are treated to yet another layer of delights deep inside the box. That is what traveling Vietnam and Cambodia is like. There is just so much to see, feel, hear, taste, and smell. A complete Vietnam and Cambodia tour truly offers a feast for the senses.


Steeped in history

From the imperial palace of Hue to the many historical buildings dotting the country’s north, Cambodia and Vietnam offers a peek into Cambodia’s and Vietnam’s regal and proud past. Once considered a southern province of China, many of Cambodia’s and Vietnam’s historical northern spots, reveal Cambodia’s and Vietnam’s ancient Chinese past and its evolution to a distinct identity. If you are looking for an ancient wonder in Cambodia and Vietnam, you don’t need to look further than the Sa Pa terraces. These terraces are rice-fields etched into slopes. They look to paradise like step ways that are jade. These terraces were built by indigenous Cambodian and Vietnamese tribes in the distant past and maintained through the ages.

An explosion of taste

Sampling Vietnamese and Cambodian food highlights its long history and discloses how the Chinese and French affected local flavors. You can surely feel the French culinary influence in the popular meat sandwich. This delectable sandwich is a necessity for any first-time travel to Cambodia and Vietnam. Another great Cambodian and Vietnamese dish travellers are imperial rolls. Wrapped in transparent rice paper, these fresh spring rolls are light nonetheless dainty. Finally, no discussion of Cambodian and Vietnamese cuisine would be complete without mentioning pho. This versatile Cambodian and Vietnamese soup comes in a wide variety of flavor but its base components are broth with clear Cambodian and Vietnamese noodles. You can add as many different garnishes as you want. It is filling, rich, and so versatile that it can accommodate a wide variety of tastes.

Excellent rest and relaxation

Many visitors like to compare Cambodia and Vietnam to Thailand, especially during their first Cambodia and Vietnam tour. Many of these first-time visitors notice that Cambodia and Vietnam offers many of the natural attractions of Thailand without the urbanization and hassle. For example, Phu Quoc embodies many of the lush coastal attractions and appeal of Phuket, Thailand without the over development, clutter, and overall commercialization. There are many coastal city areas in Thailand that attract a lot of fans. However, Cambodia’s and Vietnam’s coastal jewel, Nha Trang beats most of them in terms of pristine beauty. Nha Trang is lush, fresh, clean, and offers clean coastal breezes. It offers the beauty of Thai coastlines without the hassles.

The Bottom Line

A Cambodia and Vietnam tour brings a lot of advantages to the table. Not only do you conserve money on your vacation, in addition you get to love appeals that are more immaculate with less commercialism. Cambodian and Vietnamese attractions offer many simple, unvarnished, and very memorable sights.

Vietnam Vs. Cambodia

When to Go

Vietnam and Cambodia cross numerous climatic zones making the weather exceptionally challenging to predict. Nevertheless, if you are looking to avoid the worst of the heat and the rainy seasons afterward when embarking on Cambodia and Vietnam Tours you should think about between October and March. (90% Tourists choose 14 Days package to go Vietnam and Cambodia for a  2 weeks Vietnam Cambodia tour.


Only after thousands of years of Japanese rule, Mongols, and Chinese: all of which have left a lasting heritage in the temples that were supreme, and innumerable unique buildings has its doors opened to the world previously few years. A country comparatively unscathed by tourism, Vietnam is a country just waiting to be researched. Whether you desire to investigate Vietnam’s ancient, conventional capital Hanoi, captivated with old artisan quarters, puppet theaters and pagoda’s along the lakeside or the famous royal capital of Hue captured with golden pavilions, terraced gardens and lily ponds Vietnam and Cambodia tours will permit you to see everything. The enigmatic and noble, yet going and imperious Ha Long Bay is a very natural beauty to which words cannot do justice. Envisage thousands of limestone karsts and islands rising from the emerald waters and you’ve got an image of awe-inspiring beauty. In addition to these landscapes and amazing cities is the watery scene of green fields and languid towns of Mekong Delta. Rich in rice-paddies and fish farms, this delta outputs enough create to nourish a country with a surplus that is significant. The Vietnamese themselves are incredibly energetic, constantly courteous and smiling who all proudly show off their amazing state.



Just west of Vietnam lies the similarly wonderful Kingdom of Cambodia. The disorderly yet fascinating capital of Phnom Penh offers beaming spires of the imperial palace and in the setting of a stunning river side locality it really is among the hidden gems of Asia. A brief flight away lays Siem Reap which proposes vibrancy and the life for the temples of Angkor the city is on course to at the end of the day turning into the epicenter Cambodia that is new. At its summit in the thirteenth century Siem Reap had right around a million tenants and was home of the monumental Khmer empire which managed/ruled a lot of modern Laos, Thailand and Vietnam, which has left an enduring legacy of artistry and sculptures which truly makes Angkor among the great wonders of the world. So whether it’s a break that is peaceful, a little sight-seeing or merely a hands-on history lesson your after Vietnam and Cambodia tours offers something for everyone of all ages.

So, if you love Vietnam, Cambodia and want to know it more, travel to Vietnam and Cambodia. You can avail customized travel from a reliable travel agent at affordable prices. With such package, your vacation will surely be memorable.

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