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What is Jintropin? Jintropin is a synthetic hormone contains modified E.coli bacteria that help in secreting human growth hormone similar to the one that body makes. This modified E.coli helps to produce amino acids similar to natural human growth hormone. Hence it is prescribed for adults and children suffering from major recovery issues after a surgery or operation. In children it is advised to those who do not have proper growth and it helps to increase the growth rate in children.

How does Jintropin work?

Intake of jintropin increases energy levels and the metabolism rate and hence one looses more fat. AS a result, one gains muscle mass and overall well being is achieved. Due to this reason, more and more athletes are inclined towards buying Jintropin. Body builders also prefer it due to its low price and easy availability. However the abuse of this drug has caused it to be banned.

And why Jintropin?

Jinotropin HGH 300 IU is a very pure form of HGH (about 95-99% pure) and is very cheap compared to other supplements.


The dosage of Jintropin depends on your body weight and is to be prescribed by your doctor. To avoid and minimize the side effects, it is usually recommended to start with low doses and hence, the general dosage to start with would be 2 IU’s for four weeks.

Avoid clubbing of doses if you have forgotten to take one dose and never overdose.

In case you suffer severe side effects, reduce the dose by 25% and stick to this for a few weeks.

The good time to take the dose is generally in the morning after you woke up when your body has produced natural HGH. For those who have health concerns, it is recommended to take it before bed to mimic the natural HGH.

Side effects:

The general side effects include:

  • Water retention
  • Bloating
  • Joint pains
  • swelling
  • Morning aches
  • Baby naps
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • hypoglycemia

How to buy Jintropin?

The most popular Jintropin is the one produced by GeneScience in China which produces high quality HGH. But due to some legal issues, GeneScience keeps a tight hold on its availability.

You can buy genuiene Jintropin from Genescience website where they give complete information on how to take it, dosage, shipment, payments etc.

How to identify genuine Jintropin?

There are 4 steps to identify the original Jintropin.

  1. There is a seal kind of sticker while opening the box.
  2. This sticker has a logo of GenSci and its Chinese name with a 12 digit number in small boxes. These numbers and boxes are different for different boxes. You can check for the originality of the box by typing this number on GenSci website.
  3. There is also a fiber under these small squares of the sticker.
  4. On the right hand top corner, look for GenSci Hongkong Agency Package With Hong Kong Government of Department of Health Registration or GenSci China Agency Package With China Government of Department of Health Registration. And on the right bottom corner you must see the GenSci factory website.
  5. Genuine Jintropin comes with 5HGH and 5solvents and 5syringes OR 10HGH and 10 solvent or just 20hgh.


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