Beyond Passwords: Industry Steps Up Hardware-Enhanced Security Options

A security problem can be compared to a carbon monoxide leak. When you discover the problem, it is usually too late.

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Computer users notice a problem with their PC when it is underperforming and running slowly. This is when they decide to get the problem diagnosed.

Security Breach Statistics

Security breaches have become commonplace within businesses. The number of stolen data records doubled between 2015 and 2016, and it is now reported that four million data records are lost or stolen each day.

In 2016, over one billion identities were exposed as a result of cyberattacks, and it has been discovered that most incidents stem from exploiting software defects.

Endpoint Security

2017 is on target to surpass previous annual records for the number of compromised identities. It is now not a case of if you will be a victim of a security breach, but instead when.

In the past year, there has been one common trend in data breaches: endpoint weak identity protection. The computer is an entranceway to a business’s assets and network. All too often computers are outdated and lack hardware-enhanced protection, leaving the company wide open to security breaches.

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To ensure your computer is adequately protected, install endpoint security, such as that available at

Older endpoints prove vulnerable, as their technology supports only single identity protection at the software layer. Newer endpoints provide multifactor authentication solutions that are rooted in hardware and are far more secure. One common vulnerability in security at software level is weak and stolen passwords, which account for over 80 per cent of large-scale data breaches.

Multifactor Identification

Multifactor authentication has become a more effective approach in identity protection and access management. While two-step authentication is stronger than single, multifactor authentication is the most effective form of identification security.

The hardware element of the computing set-up can provide a deeper unique layer of protection. An effective computing combination will give you a customisable and multifactor authentication solution with biometrics and credentials executed and stored securely within hardware, which is beneath the software layer that is susceptible to attacks.

Hardware-enhanced solutions can support a range of modifiable hardened elements which can be tailored to any business’s needs, integrating effortlessly into existing environments. Users also no longer need to remember changing and complex passwords.

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