The best types of social media marketing of 2017

If you’re looking to advertise your business but don’t know where to start, look no further. Of course, you can advertise in the local paper or use word of mouth to get your services known, but if you’re serious about making a name for yourself, you should look into social media marketing. With so many platforms available, advertising through social media is guaranteed to help your brand.

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Facebook is the place to start when you want to generate new leads and expand your likes. With the most advanced targeting available out of the current social media platforms, it means that you can tailor your content to a specific audience. This includes directing your ads to those with a particular listed interest, location, and job description, amongst other criteria. There are over 2 billion monthly users, so setting up advertising with Facebook should be a no brainer.


Instagram, Snapchat and Pinterest are the main photo sharing sites to take a look at, although Instagram tops the selection with engagement rates beating Twitter and even Facebook. For businesses with strong visual campaigns, Instagram is the place to go, although you should bear in mind that the predominant user base is ages 18-29. The Salt Bae campaign ran through Instagram and blew up on social media following its success.

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Twitter is the best example of a microblogging site which can be perfectly utilised for advertising. It isn’t always listed as a top social media advertising site, due to brands not always needing to purchase advertising to reach their followers, but Twitter can be used very effectively. Businesses can use promoted accounts, trends and tweets whilst also taking advantage of Twitter Cards to add a call to action button, headline and image to promote specific products.

Other forms of advertising

Whilst you should always set up social media accounts to advertise your business or services, there can be other ways to reach your audience. Just take in store media. It’s a strategy that has been used for years and it’s a tried and tested method of getting your products known. If you think your business could benefit, in store media can be arranged through Mood Media or other media companies in your area.

With such high conversions, social media has proved itself to be an essential part of advertising.

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