The best hangover cures to try over the party season

The party season is upon us, which means lots of potential hangovers! Drinking alcohol has many consequences for our health, the most obvious being hangover symptoms. These can include a headache, nausea, dry mouth, dizziness and light sensitivity. Most of these symptoms are caused by dehydration, so check out these hangover cures in time to save the day the morning after!

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Prevention is always better than cure, so try to limit your alcohol intake on your party nights. Whether you get a hangover is personal – some people get one after a few drinks, while others need many drinks to feel the effects the next day. You can prevent a hangover by moderating your alcohol intake and drinking more slowly so that you consume fewer drinks throughout the evening. Having a meal before you go out is also a good idea, as this slows down the rate of absorption of alcohol into your body.

Interspersing one alcoholic drink with one soft drink is a good way to reduce your overall alcohol intake and keep yourself hydrated. Try to keep drinking water throughout the evening, as this helps to ward off the dehydration that is a major contributor to hangovers. When you get home, try to drink water and eat some toast before going to bed. The NHS has some more useful prevention tips.

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Eat breakfast and drink water

If you have a hangover, make sure you eat a good breakfast. A traditional English breakfast is a good idea; however, cut down on the fat, as this will irritate your stomach. Grill the bacon and sausage instead of frying, while a poached egg or boiled egg is ideal. Muesli or cereal will help to stabilise your blood sugar and give your body the vitamins it needs. Drink plenty of water to rehydrate or try post mix juices, which are available from suppliers such as

Sleep it off

Getting enough sleep is essential. You won’t sleep as deeply if you are intoxicated through alcohol, so you will need more sleep than usual. Fatigue and hangover symptoms will be worse without enough sleep.

Pop the pills

Take a painkiller to help with headaches. You could also try supplements such as prickly pear, ginger, red ginseng and borage oil. Ginger is especially good for an upset stomach and nausea.

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