Anavar PCT- Ideal Way to Deal with Low Testosterone Level

With age, men normally start experiencing a gradual decline in the testosterone level in their body. This is normally noticed when they cross the age of 30 years. One of the major symptoms you will notice is their loss of interest in sex. Testosterone is a hormone, which helps a man build his muscles, bring gravity in his voice and contributes towards the development of his genitals at his puberty. Then in the next phase, adulthood, it makes the muscles and bones strong and develops an interest towards sex. So, you can say that testosterone is such a hormone which gives a man the true feel of a man.

Importance of PCT

Bodybuilders and athletes worldwide rely on Anavar, as it is considered as one of the friendliest steroids available in today’s market. Since it is mild, many people have an idea that it is not required to run a PCT (Post Cycle Therapy) after an Anavar cycle. But it is not so, PCT is a must after every steroid cycle to correct suppressed testosterone production. If you take Anavar for 3 weeks or more at a stretch your body’s testosterone production comes to a halt. Then something needs to be done to bring the level up. If you don’t go for PCT once you complete your steroid cycle, it will take about a year to reach the normal testosterone level. What PCT does is, it produces LH and FSH hormones which communicate to the testicles that the body needs more of testosterone.

Symptoms of low testosterone level

When the testosterone level in your body falls, you will face certain physical, mental as well as emotional symptoms. The physical symptoms are increased body fat, back pain, reduced bone density, increased rate of heart attack, erectile dysfunction, reduced sperm count etc. The mental signs that you might face are decreased level of concentration, lower sex drive and loss of memory. Finally, the emotional symptoms that you will come across are depression, decreased motivation and irritability.

Perfect PCT for Anavar users

A PCT consists of a SERM (selective estrogen receptor modulator) which improves the levels of the LH and FSH hormones. If you are on Anavar cycle, mostly what you need is Nolvadex or Clomid for three to four week. You should start with your PCT after a period of three days that you have stopped taking Anavar. The dosage of Nolvadex or Clomid is mentioned as under:

  • Clomid – In the first week take 150mg in a day, reduce it to 75mg in the second week, 40 mg in the 3rd week and about 20mg in the fourth week if required.
  • Nolvadex – In this case, you need to start with only 40mg in the first week itself, then 20 mg in the second week, 10mg in the third and 5mg in the last week.

So, to correct suppressed testosterone production in your body and to improve your overall health it is highly essential to undergo a PCT after completing your Anavar cycle.


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