8 Reasons to Choose Uluwatu for Your Next Trip to Bali

Bali’s southern coast is a rather secluded part of the island paradise, perfect for holidayers in need of privacy and quiet times. Its wild natural beauty mixes well with contemporary designs. Penthouses, villas and suites are always available to accommodate guests. We think Uluwatu would make for the perfect spot for your next Bali holiday – you can read below why.3

Top notch holiday homes with Indian Ocean views

The accommodation range in Uluwatu is impressive. What strikes us the most is its recent-date innovative architecture. You can stay in a stunning penthouse right on the ocean shore and enjoy an infinity pool on its second or third floor. It’s pure luxury and it’s probably much more affordable than you imagine it to be.

You can bring your whole family

It’s true that Bali is a popular destination with romantic couples, but you will find many Uluwatu villas that suit families, too. Make sure to ask your booking agent about it. What you need to look for is a property with as many bedrooms as needed, plus a garden and maybe a pool, too. Such homes have well-designed areas for children’s play, dining and relaxation. There is something for everyone in the family.

Excellent surfing location

Uluwatu beaches are not only extremely beautiful, but also make for an ideal surfing location. The waves here are just what every surfer is looking for. It’s a prime surfing retreat and locals know that this is where you’ll find really consistent waves. If you drive on the Bypass, you will reach some of the best locations – with dramatic backdrops, too.

Hidden beaches

Remember those incredible pictures in travel guides, where rugged cliffs in the sea would shelter secret coves and beaches? That’s exactly what it’s like with Uluwatu and its hidden beaches. Try Suluban on the Bukit Peninsula or the Nyang Nyang Beach for some much needed tranquility.

Clifftop views

Uluwatu is home to dramatic landscapes and steep shore cliffs are part of those. It’s a coastal region where you can admire the waves and the horizon from cliff edges, even as you stay in a pool, dine at a restaurant or party at a terrace bar that’s open all night.

Famous temples

The ancient Indonesian spiritual traditions are honored across Uluwatu in splendid temples, like the Luhur Uluwatu Temple on the steep ocean shore or at Pura. You may even witness performances, such as the Kecek dance. At the temple entrance you can get proper attire if you’re not dressed adequately.

Rice fields private tours

You can visit rice terrace fields without the usual crowd. Just book a private tour in advance and you’ll have the chance to tailor the experience on your own terms. You may even opt for a full day tour if you wish to sample everything the area has to offer without any hurry.

You’ll get closer to unspoiled nature

Uluwatu is better than most touristic spots in Bali because it’s not as much of a party or shopping destination like other places. Everything appears to be in its pure state: the water, the air and the beaches. If you’re planning to immerse yourself in nature, this is the right place for you.

Make sure you pack accordingly for a comfortable travel & stay in Uluwatu. Don’t forget good skincare products (including sunscreen and hydrating lotions) plus beach gear

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