7 Tips In Finding The Right Executive Coach For You – Your Basic Guide

A great executive coach can help young business people identify problems as they start to transition from being a founder to dynamic leader. The sad part here is that not all coaches are equal. While some coaching stories ended up great, others could lead to less desirable results. That’s why choosing the right executive coach is important. Here are 7 tips to follow when choosing the right coach for you.

  1. Know your goals.

Find out what you exactly want to achieve. If you are in Australia and you’re looking for executive coaching Brisbane, know whether you need a sounding-board partnership or a long-term business coaching relationship. Be clear with your particular goals and know how you like them to be addressed by your coach.

  1. Prioritize your coaching needs.

Before you hire and bring in a coach, it is important that you know to what level of expert knowledge and industry experience you really need for your coaching journey. Know if you need an industry-affiliation or you are looking for an all-around coaching approach.

  1. Find out the areas of specialty that relate to you.

Assess your current level of leadership and know the most relevant topics to do? Do you need business transformation, project management or team leadership? Look for an executive coach who can actually personify the right skills. Ideally, a good coach knows the best topics that are important to you and which direction and perspective is needed to achieve success.

  1. Research some coaching techniques.

It’s a good thing to familiarize yourself with several methodologies and techniques used in executive coaching. A sensitive understanding of the latest coaching techniques in the industry can go a long way to help you narrow down your selection of a business coach.

  1. Seek for referrals.

Try to ask your friends, relatives or HR department for referrals. While you may want to keep your coaching relationship a secret, you may be surprised that your friends or business colleagues may have someone to refer to you. When you receive the recommendations, try to do your research further.


  1. Ask for a free consultation.

A great coach can initiate a powerful conversation that will generate breakthroughs both in your thoughts and actions. And in a coaching session, there should be a preliminary consultation where you can expect to discuss a topic in a targeted way and leave the room engaged and motivated.

  1. Make the final decision by yourself.

Do you think you need an executive coach at this point in your career? If yes, make the final decision by yourself. If you are in Sydney and you think it’s high time for a coaching session, Dr Louise Mahler offers executive offsite program that can give you a positive executive coaching experience. At the end of the day, a good coach like Dr. Louise Mahler is a good fit for your coaching needs.

There you go- 7 tips in finding the right executive coach for you. With these tips, you would surely end up with the best coach who can be your confidante, companion, and partner to personal and professional success.

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