6 Things No One Tells You About When Hiring a Professional Web Design Agency


Websites are the digital existence of your company/brand which ultimately makes them an important matter. However, before you go ahead spending time and money on getting yourself a website that just doesn’t reflect your business values correctly, it is a wise decision to do a little research. Handing over your brand to just about anyone shouldn’t be your way to go.

What you really need is to ask the right questions before you hire a professional web design agency. This sure is the tricky part but we have put a guide together that covers the aspects that you really need to know about prior to hiring anyone. Seek answers for these questions to get a clearer outlook on the agency.

  1. Are they experienced?

Perhaps the first thing that helps in confirming the fact whether the agency is established or not is the experience they have with the clients. Look for the kind of work they have already done in their portfolio. Look for quality of the web design, number of clients, years they have worked for.

  1. Can you update content later, on your own?

It is important to ensure that you have full access to editing the content via content management system or CMS. Anytime that you need to update a thing or two, you can’t run to the agency to get it done for you. If your website is not on a CMS, it will create problems later as it is an industry platform. Ensure that it is enabled for your website and is easy to use.

  1. What does it all cost?

The prices for websites vary and can actually go beyond $30,000. You would definitely be tempted by cheaper options around but they come with limitations. Consultation, quality and customization will not be the same. Do not compromise anything and invest one time for a greater good.

  1. Are there any hidden charges?

Upon asking about the quote, out of one of the many good traits of any top-notch Dubai web design company, one thing that is exclusive to them is that there are no hidden costs. However, it is best to still confirm for there may be elements that you might as well be missing. Establishing a correct project scope is necessary which is why you need to take into account all the aspects. Discuss with the agency and decide.

  1. What about ongoing support?

Ensure if the company you are seeking web design services from provide ongoing support. It is because choosing a reliable and cost effective agency that provides support on an ongoing basis is necessary for future endeavors. A website has so many functions to begin with so it’s best to have a professional assistance around when you need it.

  1. Does their portfolio suit your needs?

Review samples of work and the quality that they have delivered in their previous projects. Take a closer look at them to check if functionality is also intact. Also take into account client testimonials of the work similar to what you require to get done. It will act as evaluation of the company and is a great place to start.

So before you go ahead and jump to conclusions about choosing a web design agency for yourself, ask these questions and see if you get desired answers.

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