6 of The Best Gardening Tasks to Tackle in Early Spring

As the nice weather approaches it means sooner rather than later you will want to spend more time outside. Along with spending more time outside comes the desire to keep your outdoor space in top shape. That way you can relax without fretting about your gardening to-do list.

So, we gathered some top tasks which you can tackle in the early spring to prep your garden for the rest of the summer. Then once summer hits, you can spend more time simply relaxing outdoors.

1. Make plans for your garden


Early spring is the prime time to plan for your garden and to hire a gardener in Bristol. It is ideal because your garden won’t be covered by dense foliage. This reduced foliage will allow you and your gardener to see the layout of your garden more clearly. A clear view of your garden will allow you to prepare a detailed plan with more ease.

As well as being able to see your garden clearly, planning in early spring will give you a head start. That way if you intend to tackle any landscaping projects you won’t need to worry about them getting in the way of planting season.

2. Tidy up your lawn from wintertidy_up_your_lawn

Once winter has passed, it is an optimal time to tidy up your lawn and garden. Over the course of the winter, plenty of natural debris tends to collect in outdoor spaces.

So, when the weather improves you should tidy up the fallen leaves, twigs and other debris that your lawn collected during winter.

As well as tidying up any leaves or twigs, you should also prune certain plants. Ornamental grass is a good example of plant which is safe to prune. During winter ornamental grass tends to die and wilt creating an unsightly mess by spring.

Yet, before you rush off to go prune all of your plants, due some research first. Not all plants take well to an early spring pruning.

3. Get rid of early weeds

Weeds show up most often during the summer when the weather is warmest. Yet, some hearty weeds begin to grow as early as spring.

The resilience of these weeds means that it is important to keep an eye out as early as possible. Plus removing them early will prevent them from aggressively expanding across your lawn as the weather continues to improve.

Top Tip – When you go to remove them, grab them by the base to remove all of the roots. If you don’t remove the roots, the plant could grow back.

4. Prep your soilgardener

Early spring is an ideal time to prep your soil for your first seedlings and plants. To do this, first, find a soil testing kit or have a professional gardener come and test the soil for you.

Testing the soil will provide information on its composition so that when you go to fertilise it, you use the proper fertiliser.

If you would prefer not to use a store bought fertiliser use compost instead. Composting is an environmentally friendly way to nourish your garden.

Whether you use a store-bought fertiliser or compost, these efforts will provide a nourishing base for your garden’s new seedlings and greenery.

5. Plant your first seeds

With spring comes the opportunity to plant new seedlings. As with pruning, it is also important to research prime planting seasons for different plants. Some plants are heartier than others and far more likely to survive a late spring frost.

Beyond just seedlings, you can also plant several varieties of flower bulbs. These bulbs will begin to grow as the ground warms making way for beautiful summer flowering plants.

6. Hire your gardener

If you enjoy a nicely organised and lush outdoor landscape but you simply don’t have time to look after your garden then there is no one better than a professional gardener.

When you hire a gardener early in the season you will have a better chance of securing their availability. Once the weather really starts to warm up in mid to late spring you can bet that gardeners will be in high demand. So early spring truly is the ideal time to book a gardener if you want to secure their availability.

Then once you have hired your gardener they can tend to your garden throughout the spring and summer. Say hello to a beautiful garden even if you don’t have the time to DIY!

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