6 Crazy and Unique Experiences for the Bali Tourist

If adrenaline, unusual places and adrenaline are your must-haves in a trip, then you certainly need to get off the beaten path when you’re in Bali. With wonderful holiday spots, like Ubud, Seminyak or Legian, Bali is not only enchanting, but also very thrilling. Here are some of the craziest experiences you can sign up for:3

Watch Komodo dragons and lions

In Indonesia, you can view some of the most frightening animals on earth – all in very safe environments, of course. You can join a safari or even dine next to a wildlife sanctuary. Such activities can also be schedules at night, when nocturnal animals come out. Perhaps the craziest option is to book a jungle night tour looking for snakes. Water lovers may choose to swim with sharks – in very secure cages, of course.

Stay in a water villa

Accommodation in Bali also goes off the beaten path. Besides the theme hotels, you can book more or less unusual private villas for you and your family or group of friends. These luxury villas Seminyak or other offers have all the amenities, plus a very modern design. You may have one with a private pool, but why not book a home that is simply surrounded by water? These new pool designs follow closely the limits of the house, so you can step right into the water as you get out of it.

Make your own chocolate in a real factory

You can visit local chocolate factories (such as the one in Ubud) and get more than a sweet treat: make your own delicious chocolate. You’ll get to choose ingredients, like freshly grated coconut, almonds, nuts and dried fruit, then incorporate these to some very tasty chocolate that you’ll take home.

Climb up a volcano, swim in its lake

Batur is the name for both the volcanic mountain and the lake. Hike all the way up to the crater, then take a boat to relax on the lake. The place is full of surprises. There’s even a half submerged house in the middle of the lake that you can reach and explore. Mount Batur is a place of mysteries and spectacular sights, perfect for the most adventurous of tourists.

Try fly boarding

You may have tried extreme sports before, but maybe not this one. It’s a heart pounding sport that’s rather new and which can get you literally flying. You will be wearing a pair of special boots connected to a board, which will be pulled through a long hose. The board is propelled by the jets of water it creates. These can push you high up in the air, where you can learn to spin or do various other tricks.

Explore abandoned places

From old houses to creepy amusement parks, Bali hosts a series of abandoned locations, to be explored by those who love a good thrill. Perhaps the strangest are the abandoned planes – there are two of them in Kuta, completely deserted but extremely fascinating. There are even abandoned hotels and temples (some of latter being underwater, like the one at Pemuteran).

With such ideas for the adventurous tourist, next time you come back from Bali you can return with some incredible travel stories to tell – and possibly want to come back for more.

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