5 Scientifically Proven Reasons Why Owning A Cat Is Good For Your Health

Are you planning to get a new pet? Well, this might be the ideal time for you to consider adopting a feline pet since they can provide you several scientifically-based benefits.3

Cats are good for your environment.

Did you just say that you are bothered with your carbon footprint?  Based on a 2009 study, they have found out that in order to feed a canine throughout his life, you have to make the same footprint just like what Land Cruiser can do. On the other hand, cats eat less and they just usually eat more of fish rather than corn or other beef-flavoured products which is just a small hatchback of carbon footprint.

Cats can reduce the risk of having cardiovascular disease.

When you own a kitty, apparently, there is a less chance that you will die with cardiovascular disease. Moreover, there is a research from University of Minnesota who found out that people who don’t own cats approximately 40% of them died because of cardiovascular disease. They do reduce your stress level, potentially because they don’t need much effort unlike with dogs and also lower the anxiety you’ve experience in your life.

If you are wondering if the same thing goes in owning dog, you will just get frustrated. Dogs can’t give you that benefit.

Your kitty friend fulfills your need for companionship.

Well, there is a stereotype that your pooch are much lovable than your kitty. That will remain as a stereotype. As a matter of fact, cats can be as affectionate just like your dog particularly with women. A study in Austria was conducted last 2003, which proved that owning cats are just like you are getting your romantic lifetime partner. Apart from giving them time, researches from a cheap Lindfield vet clinic also proved that your feline babies can remember your kindness to them and they will return it to you later.3

Owning a cat means fewer allergies.

Unfortunately, this one can be a little too late for you. However, if you have incoming babies on the way, this might be the sign that you need to get a kitty friend.  During 2002,  National Institute of Health announced that they have found out that kids  who are under one year old who are exposed to cat companionship have a less tendency to develop certain allergies. Take note that we are not simply referring on pet allergies here. Based from Marshall Plaut, M.D., the head of allergic mechanism department right at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease claimed that high exposure of pets during early life seems to provide protection against the different common allergies like allergies  to grass, ragweed and mites. Though cat parasite known as Toxoplasma gondii serves to be the main threat for young children, you can still be safe and free from any type of allergies. What you just need to do is to always keep your cat’s litter box clean and don’t let them play or go outside always or else you’ll see what does a paralysis tick look like as soon as they got one.

You will feel better with your cats.

Undeniably, when you lose someone important in your life, you will feel terribly sad.  However, one of the best way to cope is to own a pet cat.  It is already known that cats can greatly help in getting over your loss in shorter time. You tend to show less emotional and physical symptoms of pain such as crying.  Your furry friend acts like your social support. Don’t cry anymore. You’ll get over it soon.

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