5 Reasons Pokie Players Love Travelling to Ancient Egypt

Who can forget the beauty of the Egyptian Queen, Cleopatra VII and the stories about her? One of the most popular women of all time, she also had the title of Queen of the Nile. These days the title is popular for something else: a casino game that leaves players at the edge of their seats.

This slot game from one of the best game makers, Aristocrat lets players win big jackpots by spotting the themed objects characterizing the Ancient Egypt such as golden rings, pharaoh or even strange letter symbols. One can expect to see the pyramids as staple visuals in the game, too.


What’s Found in the Nile are of High Value

The symbols are not only reminiscent of the Old Egypt, but also are of value. The hieroglyphics are worth anywhere between two to 125 coins if one gets three to five matching symbols. Other Queen of the Nile themed items are even worth higher. For example, the Nile Thistle and the All Seeing Eye are each equivalent to 250 coins. Naturally, the golden objects like the Pharaoh masks and rings are worth more, 750 coins to be exact, when players get to match five of them.

The Queen and the Scattered Pyramid are Big Rewards

What makes the game even more exciting and rewarding for players are the Scattered Pyramid and the Wild Queen of the Nile. Both are bonus symbols. The Wild Queen allows players to double their prizes.  And when the Queen appears, players get large instant rewards as high as 9000 coins.

Watch out for the Scattered Pyramids, too, as it rewards players by multiplying their line-bets by as much as 400 times or free 15 additional spins.


Speaking of Spins

The bonus spins are not to be ignored. A player can choose the combination of the multipliers and their free spins such as the x5 with 5 spins or x2 with 20 spins. This is where players can get big money. After all, the maximum pay out for any single spin is a whooping £250,000 or its equivalent in other currencies. No wonder, the Queen of Nile has a high Return to Payment rate of 95.64 percent.

The Queen of the Nile is more than just a slots game with a rustic theme. It is a top-notch game that not only captures the beauty of the old Egypt, but alsoprovides excitement, adrenaline rush and high winnings.

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