5 ideas to make your warehouse more efficient

An efficient warehouse is a happy one for your business, staff and customers. Do you think you have your warehouse well organised? Check out these five ideas to see if you can improve your efficiency further.


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Carry out an analysis of your picking method

Every warehouse has a different picking method, whether it’s batch picking, multi-order, single order or zone picking. Just because you started with one method does not mean it will always remain the best. Constantly analyse the way items are picked to make sure you are being as efficient as possible.

Sequence orders using software

Using dedicated software to sequence orders is far more efficient than leaving it to a human. Sequencing orders via software means that certain types of items, such as non-conveyer belt items or same-zone products, can be picked in batches, saving huge amounts of energy on the part of your pickers. Software such as VOICE is increasingly common in the most efficient warehouses.


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Could you have a warehouse in a warehouse?

Do 80 per cent of your orders apply to just 20 per cent of your goods as it does for most warehouses? If so, create a warehouse within a warehouse so that the 80/20 zone is modified for this volume of activity.

Perform an analysis of storage equipment

Undergo constant analysis of your storage equipment choices, which may need changing as you evolve. Generally, you need bin shelving for slow-moving or bulky items and pallets for fast-moving items. Save money by buying used storage equipment such as used pallet racking from http://www.rackzone.ie/.

Profiling orders according to season

Your biggest-selling SKUs will change with the seasons, so profile your orders every six months to make sure the warehouse is laid out to accommodate these changes.

Initiating these changes will improve the efficiency of your warehouse dramatically. Not only will they make your staff feel happier and safer, but you will also be able to fulfil more orders quicker than ever. The key to improving your warehouse efficiency is a blend of ongoing analysis and the use of warehouse software. These days, customers except deliveries to arrive in a matter of days, so the most competitive warehouses should be able to dispatch on the same or at least the next day.

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