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  • Everything about Peter Loftin
    Posted in: Business

    Peter Loftin is known for his business acumen. He has set a perfect example for millions of young entrepreneurs who aim to build up their own empires and be known for their successful business ventures. He dreamt to do something big and never hesitated to take risks. North Carolina, a small southeastern state of US […]

  • How to prepare a property inventory
    Posted in: Home Decor

    An inventory is vitally important, regardless of whether you are letting furnished or unfurnished property. It will help to protect both the landlord and the tenant and is sometimes known as a statement of condition. Image Credit Preparing Be as careful as possible when preparing an inventory. A couple of considerations to bear in mind […]

  • TM Public Search Process for Trademark Registration in India?
    Posted in: Business

    Trademark is referred to the signs, designs, expressions or texts which identifies a particular product or service rendered by the particular source. It provides the owner exclusive right to use it, which distinguishes his/her goods and services from other, as well as, provide various benefits, thereto. Intellectual property (IP) awareness has steadily increased among the […]

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