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  • Can you still afford your car in South Africa?
    Posted in: Auto

    With South Africa’s petrol prices expected to rise next month 1  – can you still afford to drive in 2018? The fuel and Road Accident Fund levies as well as increased transportation costs, are making the forecast for driving this year pretty poor. After already being hit with an increase in petrol prices at the […]

  • A short history of laminate flooring
    Posted in: Business

    Laminate floors are popular thanks to their affordability, low price, durability and ease of installation. It is made up of many layers, which are conjoined with resin or glue and then cured with pressure or heat. Image Credit This method creates flexible and strong planks that can be topped with photographic images of stone, hardwood […]

  • Van racking do’s and don’ts
    Posted in: Auto

    Setting up racking takes skill and experience, so if you are new to this type of storage solution, the following tips will be useful for setting you off in the right direction. Image Credit Don’t skimp on planning The first stages of laying out your plans for racking will be crucial, so it’s not worth […]

  • Technologies that are redefining the gaming experience
    Posted in: tech

    When it comes to the gaming sector, technology is at the very foundations of what it offers. It goes without saying that the technology behind the games and what you play them on is essential to the experience. This player experience is becoming the main focus of not only what you look for when gaming […]

  • A beginner’s guide to selling your home for the first time
    Posted in: Home Decor

    Selling your first home can be a daunting thought but doing your research and ensuring that you ‘sell well’ is vital to ensure you maximise on the potential offered of your property. Image Credit Deciding to sell First and foremost, make sure that you actually want or need to sell. If you’re thinking of putting […]

  • Iconic Animal Sculptures of America
    Posted in: tech

    There are many fine animal sculptures to see across the world, but America can boast more than most. If you’re planning a road trip of the U.S this summer and you love animals, be sure to include the following impressive sculptures on your journey: The Wall Street Bull This is one of the most iconic […]

  • Hunting For The Best Online Casino: Check For These Things!
    Posted in: Casino

    With more than 2000 known online casinos and gambling sites, finding the right one can be confusing for a new player. Below, we have discussed some of the aspects that eventually make the difference.   Interface. Online casinos bring the fun of Vegas into your home, but what you will enjoy depends largely on the […]

  • Learn the Basics of Online Gambling
    Posted in: Casino

    Some people start betting at the online casino gambling sites without thinking. Within just a few hours they lose their money. The experienced gamblers learn the techniques of the games over time after losing cash. The beginners of the online casinos can save their unnecessary lose just by learning some basic rules. The rules of […]

  • Plummeting for a Purpose.
    Posted in: Travel

    How wonderful must it be to get in a perfectly good aeroplane climb to three thousand feet or so for about 20 minutes and then open the door and jump out. There is a big caveat to do that of course, you have a parachute on at the same time. You might be thinking to […]

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