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    Digital Addiction Therapy: The Future of Rehabilitation
    Posted in: Health & Fitness

    In a ground-breaking move, digital healthcare firm Pear Therapeutics seeks FDA approval for its addiction management software. Image Credit Online CBT The software allows the patient to experience cognitive behavioural therapy techniques via a device rather than face to face with a professional. A number of clinical trials have shown that this method is more […]

    The Truth Behind the Myths About Living Abroad
    Posted in: Travel

    So, you are considering moving away from your home and living in another country? Living abroad can be a wonderful adventure, but it can also be a tumultuous decision. There will be a lot of changes in your life and a lot for you to get used to. There will be a lot of things […]

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    Characteristics and key features of ProGo Scooter
    Posted in: Auto

    As of now, one of the supreme demands of consumers in the automotive industry is for environment-friendly automobiles. Henceforth, electric models of automobiles are gaining prominence lately. The industry is experimenting with various alternative fuels, which could be used to power up vehicles. One such product that hit the market not so long ago is […]

  • Potholes can cause damage to vehicles
    Posted in: Auto

    Vehicle maintenance is vital for having your automobile running at optimum levels and keeping you safe on the road, but sometimes it is the road that is causing damage to your vehicle.  Sadly, most of the automobile repairs incurred by potholes are not covered by your vehicle insurance policy. Potholes are caused due to moisture […]

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    Replace the traditional cigarettes with e juice
    Posted in: Business

    Smoking nicotine cigarettes is nothing new to you. Seven to eight of every ten people around you are addicted to cigarettes and there is nothing that could stop them! But now you have e cigarettes or electronic vaping device or e juice with the help of which you can absolutely enjoy smoking as well as […]

    7 Ways to Get Discount Designer Clothes for Less
    Posted in: Shopping

    Designer fashion doesn’t come cheap, especially when looking at items like shoes, handbags and clothes. The price charged by them is often due to quality as well as uniqueness. Also designer wear is long lasting and many a times such brands project an image of status among friends and associates. You won’t find every other […]

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    Advice For Aspiring Pilots In The Aviation Industry!
    Posted in: Business

    When it comes to the aviation industry, the first thought that comes to your mind are pilots. They are considered to be in common of aircrafts and ensure that the plane takes off and lands safely. When it comes to being a pilot you should ensure that you enroll yourself in a flying school that […]

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    The Many Uses Of Having A Postcode
    Posted in: Business

    In the late 1950s, postal codes were introduced nationwide in the UK in order to allow the new electro-mechanical sorting machines to operate more effectively. But that’s not the only thing that postcodes are good for. Let’s take a look at some of the different uses we might get out of a postal code – […]

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    Common Dog Problems And Their Solutions
    Posted in: Featured

    Dog ownership isn’t all plain sailing. If you’ve decided to give a home to a small furry animal, then the chances are that you’ll encounter a few problems along the way. Fortunately, the chance are that the problem you’ll encounter will be one that’ll be familiar to many dog owners, and thus one that can […]

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    Hiring a Salem Business Attorney
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    Any time that you need to handle any sort of real estate transaction, there are a few things that you should know. By managing your real estate purchase to the best of your ability, you are able to get the help and service that you need. If this is what you are looking for, make […]

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