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Reality Checker is the top rated search provider all across the Las Vegas valley, serving not only Las Vegas but Summerlin and Henderson businesses as well. Reality Checker’s CEO lives in Las Vegas and understands the unique challenges facing Las Vegas businesses. The bottom line is, with so many businesses vying for attention, you have to stand out. Reality Checker’s experienced team will make sure you are ranked very highly so you connect directly with your exact right customer or client in Las Vegas.


Reality Checker’s only goal is to help you and your local business achieve total local web search domination. We are the industry’s leading experts at getting your site ranked well, getting you listed in Google My Business (maps) and ranking in the 7 pack on page one, and even creation of  “mini-commercials” in the form of web videos that get gobbled up by the search engines and fast!

All of these page 1 ranking work together to get high quality leads for you month after month.

Why does this matter to you? Because we can help you not only get on page 1 of Google, but to literally “own” page 1 of Google. Reality Checker SEO secures your piece of web real estate for years to come

After all, top web positions are just like valuable pieces of real estate.

Our job is to help you get that valuable web real estate without having to wait months or years to get there.

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