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A List of Incentives for Giving To Charity
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Although activists and social change makers constantly call out the injustices of social and class based inequalities, most of us are habituated to the fact that there are class divisions between people, and that it is immensely difficult to throw it all off. Even if a classless society with equal opportunity for all does transpire […]

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A beginner’s guide to selling your home for the first time
Posted in: Home Decor

Selling your first home can be a daunting thought but doing your research and ensuring that you ‘sell well’ is vital to ensure you maximise on the potential offered of your property. Image Credit Deciding to sell First and foremost, make sure that you actually want or need to sell. If you’re thinking of putting […]

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5 Secret Things You Didn’t Know About Divorce Lawyers
Posted in: Law

No one wants to have need of legal representation. It does provide, however, peace of mind to have someone experienced representing you. When a couple decides to divorce, each of them will need their own lawyer.  There are many different reasons why this is necessary. Those who have joint property, for example will require these […]

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Six tips for personalising gifts
Posted in: Shopping

Buying gifts can be tricky, especially for those who seem to have everything; however, there is gift idea that is guaranteed to make even the hardest person to buy for smile. The trick is to go personalised, so let’s look at what you should consider when personalising a present. Image Credit Character limit With most […]

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25 Home improvement ideas